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Grooming is beneficial for all types of dogs, both long and short haired alike. The benefits of professional dog grooming extend beyond just making your dog look pretty, it also contributes to good health and behaviour. A clean and well-maintained dog will always be a happy and healthy dog.



Full Body Check


Professional Equipment 


At Suds & Scissors, we believe in providing the best dog grooming service for your furry companion, whilst ensuring his/her happiness and welfare at all times.

Before and during the grooming process, we thoroughly check through the overall condition of your dog. Any abnormalities discovered (e.g. lumps, rashes, skin discolouration, cuts etc.) will be brought to your attention. Any infections, parasites, fleas or ticks that are usually hard to see will also be highlighted. Early detection makes treatment easier and more effective.


Valuable Advice


Our experienced groomers are able to examine the skin & coat of your dog during grooming and make suitable dietary or supplementary recommendations to improve his/her current condition. A healthy skin & coat is attained through a healthy diet, so dull fur, hair loss, or itchy skin could mean an allergy to certain ingredients in his/her diet. Regular grooming will also enable us to monitor any early warning signs of sickness.

Only professional dog grooming equipment are used. Each dog is dried by hand with our professional grade dog grooming blowers and dryers (No cage drying permitted in our parlour). Special shampoos such as hypoallergenic and medicated shampoos are also available at no extra cost. Based on the skin and coat condition of your dog, our groomers will use the shampoo that is most suitable.


Professional Fur Cut


At Suds & Scissors, our groomers are experienced and trained in many types of breed cuts including West Highland Terriers, Schnauzers, American Cocker Spaniels, Labradoodles and many more. 


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