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Pet Taxi Service

Pet Taxi Service is available for all Suds & Scissors's furry customers so you won't have to worry about your precious one missing another grooming appointment again!



Our Pet Taxi is driven by a safe and experienced driver whom we trust with our own pets, so rest assured. The Pet Taxi can carry all sizes of pets, even large dogs in comfort. Your pet will be travelling comfortably in a fully air conditioned van with no more than 2 other pets on board at any one time. 

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Two Way Taxi:


From $25* per dog

$10 for every additional dog

*Price may vary according to location/accessibility of pick up point, and distance from pick up point to the shop. Additional charges may apply for dogs with behavioural issues. Any charges incurred enroute to picking up and dropping off dogs , such as ERP or Sentosa entrance fees, will be bourne by the customer. We reserve the right to alter the prices without prior notice.

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