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DOG PRESS: 7 Good Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Everyday, a senior dog is passed up for a cute puppy in shelters all over the world. With so much love to give, these senior dogs deserve a good home just as much as the younger pups. If you are thinking about getting a new addtion to the family, here are 7 good reasons why you should consider a senior dog.

1. What You See is What You Get

Everything you need to know about an older dog is right in front of you! Whether it is grooming needs, full grown size, personality or temperament, it is always what you see is what you get for the senior ones. This is especially important for local Singaporeans staying in HDB apartments with legal restrictions for the size of dog allowed. With senior dogs, you will never be (unpleasantly) surprised a few years down the road if he/she gets "too big" or "requires so much grooming".

2. Easy Training

Older dogs usually come with basic training commands pre-programmed so no real need for expensive training schools.

3. Your Furniture is Safe!

Hooray! Your furniture, shoes and door stoppers will all be in one piece when you get home. Unlike teething puppies, most senior dogs don't have the urge to destroy your home. That said, always have toys readily available to keep them occupied while you are away.

4. They Enjoy Doing Practically Nothing

Consider a less active senior dog instead of a high energy pup especially if you have young children to take care of. Senior dogs do not require round the clock playtime and are more than happy to take a nap for the entire day. But senior dogs still need their exercise, they just don't need to run a marathon everyday!

5. With Age comes Maturity & Calmness

Senior dogs are more calm, more patient and more disciplined than puppies. If you can't deal with a bouncy and yelpy pup, a senior dog may be ideal for you.

6. They Will be Very Grateful

An older dog may have lived through the death of a previous owner, or have been abandoned by a family that didn't care for him/her enough. They can't thank you enough for caring for them in their golden years and you will see that in a truely loyal and devoted companion.

7. You Will Be Saving a Life

Adopting a senior dog means saving his/her life. In shelters, senior dogs are always the last to be adopted and first to be euthanized. That cute puppy will almost always find a family, but not an older dog.

There are many local shelters in Singapore with adorable adult/senior dogs up for adoption. Voices for Animals (VFA) rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes breeding mill dogs. Most of them are adult to senior dogs who long for good homes after a tiring life in puppy mills. Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) is another organisation that rehomes our local strays. Do consider these shelters if you are looking for a furry companion to add to the family!

References: ASPCA / Cesar's Way / Pedigree

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