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DOG PRESS: 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Pet

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, affection and friendship with friends and family. While celebrating this special occasion with (human) loved ones is important, we must not forget our four-legged loved ones who continue to love us unconditionally. We are their Forever Valentine! So don't take them for granted and do something special to make this Valentine's Day as enjoyable for them as it is for you.


You can never go wrong with baking a batch of homemade Valentine's Day biscuits for the furrkid. We found an excellent grain free recipe for Valentine's Day Cranberry Hearts that is easy to make and super healthy with 5 limited ingredients.


Book an appointment with Furry Photos to have professional photos taken of your furry companion to remember this special day.


Take your pet out with you on your dinner date! If you don't mind alfresco dining, there are a number of pet friendly restaurants that can accommodate your four legged friends.


Pamper your pet today with new toys from Suds & Scissors Pet Parlour that will definitely brighten their day!


Whether it is giving them a shower, a massage or taking a nice long stroll with your four legged loved one, they will appreciate this bonding time with you.

These 5 simple ways will almost certainly make your pets' Valentine's Day extra special. Aren't they the easiest dates to please?

Image Source: Cutest Paw / Ruthless Photos

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