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Big Stuff for Big Dogs

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We know how hard it is to find supplies for big dogs in Singapore, primarily because of our limited space constraint which makes small dog breeds more popular as pets. This does not mean our big dogs here do not get to enjoy life too! Here at Suds & Scissors, we offer a wide range of products suited for large breed dogs. From quality treats to comfy beds, you will definitely find something here for your big four legged companion.


  1. Kenyan Dog Collar Lurcher in Circle of Life - Stand out in the crowd with this individually hand beaded wide collar that comes in big sizes. The wideness of the Lurcher is best for long haired dog breeds like Golden Retrievers so the design of the collar is more visible.

  2. HUNTER Virginia Training Leash in Red - A strong and sturdy geniune leather training leash that comes in 3 adjustable lengths.

  3. Whimzees Hedgehog - A yummy vegetarian dental treat suited for larger breeds. Due to the unique shape of the Hedgehog, it takes them longer to chew through it while cleaning their teeth at the same time.

  4. Petstages Floppy Shark - At 54cm in length, this is great for big dogs who love squeaky soft toys. Extra crinkle sound included!

  5. SmartBones Double Time Large Rolls & Large Sweet Potato Bones - Big dogs need big chews! SmartBones are 100% rawhide free so it is good for cleaning the teeth and easily digestible.

  6. Absolute Plus Orthopedic Bed XL - Most big dogs suffer from hip dysplasia or joint issues, so an orthopedic bed with memory foam is perfect to provide the extra support needed.

  7. Neater Feeder Mess Prood Pet Feeder L - Keeps all the mess in! Also works great as a raised diner with leg extensions available, which is perfect for larger dog breeds.

  8. Kong Wubba Weave - Featuring a huge twist knot cotton ball of rope that cleans the teeth while dogs play. Also includes a squeaky top and nylon tails that are good for a game of fetch.

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