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Grooming Services


Detangling & Thorough Brush Out

Shampoo, Rinse & Conditioning

Hand Fluffing & Blow Drying

Ear Cleaning & Fur Removal

Nail Clipping

Trimming of Fur around Paw Pads


Trimming of Fur around Underbelly & Genital Area


Anal Gland Expression*


Clipping of Fur/Coat Styling


Scissoring/Shave Down


Post-Grooming Finishing Touches:

  • Powder Genital Area/Ears

  • Spray of Designer Fragrance

Full Grooming



Weekly Bath

Mini Grooming

* Available upon request 

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing


$10 onwards


A la Carte Services

Trimming of Fur around Paw Pads


Nail Clipping

Ear Cleaning (Plucking of ear hair is additional)

$12 onwards

$12 onwards

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