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Grooming Services

At Suds & Scissors, we use only the best grooming techniques and products to ensure your dog receives the highest quality care. Our experienced groomers are trained to handle all breeds and sizes, from small Chihuahuas to large St Bernards. So rest assured that your best friend is in good hands. 


Grooming is beneficial for all types of dogs, both long and short haired. The benefits of professional dog grooming extend beyond just aesthetics, it also contributes to good health and behaviour.

A clean and well-maintained dog will always be a happy and healthy dog.

We offer two shampoos to choose from: Bio-Groom Groom’n Fresh™  Odor Eliminating, Sulfate-Free Dog Shampoo OR Bio-Groom So-Gentle™ Hypo-Allergenic Tear-Free Dog Shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. If your dog is on a medicated shampoo, just bring the shampoo with you (or purchase in store - Malaseb, Aloveen & SeboFix in stock) and we will use it for the bath. We finish off with a hypoallergenic tea tree powder and a spritz of cologne sending your dog home fresh, happy and huggable.

Types of Services

Having a Bath

Bath & Fluff

Bath & Blow Dry with Brushing

Happy Puppy

Basic Grooming

Bath & Blow Dry with Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Nail clipping, Paw Pad/Sanitary Area Shaving

We do not clip the face, beard, tail or body during this service.

Grooming Salon

Full Grooming

Fur Styling, Bath & Blow Dry with Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Paw Pad/Sanitary Area Shaving

Nail Clip

Mini Groom

Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping

& Paw Pad Shaving

Cute Puppy

Add On / A la Carte

Add on services e.g. Teeth brushing or Individual Services e.g. Nail Clipping

Price List

The prices* below serve as a guide only. We will confirm your cost after the first session based on grooming time, coat condition, dog size, temperament and any special needs like additional undercoat removal or dematting. Extra charges may apply for dogs who require more than 1 groomer at any time of the session to assist due to aggression, inability to stand or difficulty in handling.

The prices listed are applicable for dogs who are regularly groomed between 4-6 weeks between each session. Extra charges may be applicable for dogs who come for grooming exceeding 6 weeks since the last groom. 

Mixed Breed / Doodles

Mini Groom

Starting from:

Petite/Small - $30

Medium - $38

Large/Extra Large - $46

Add Ons / A la Carte

Starting from:

Teeth brushing -  $12

Dematting - $20

Undercoat Removal - $20

Nail Clipping - $12 (Difficult Nail Clipping from $30)

Ear Cleaning - $12

Ear Hair Plucking -  $6

Paw Pad Shaving - $12

Clipping around Face - $20

Poodle Feet - $20

* Prices are subject to change without notice

Please ensure you have read and agreed to our Grooming Policies before making an appointment

Our happy clients

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